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Philosophy and Policy


Revitilizing Japanese production, and then the world

JON72 started as a surf board maker in 1972 and from then has become experianced in making products for housing, construction, automobile, railworks, scales, medical equipment, and more.

In 1998, in order to deliver quality products at low prices, we opened our Chinese Factory in Guangdong, and have focused on teaching our technique and, maintaining quality standards. Thanks to that, we have gained the trust of our clients and have increased our production quanityty and profit year after year.

Meanwhile, our Japanese branch in focused on delivery and quality assurance of items made in our Chinese factory, and as such we have lowered the amount of production being done here to maintain the highest level of efficiency.

At the same time, due to the rising cost of production in China and the weakened yen, we have had to suddenly look for an alternative means of production to continue to deliver high quallity low cost products to our Japanese customers.

After taking the position of president in 2014, the first thing I worked on was not adding more foreign productions sites to take the place of China, but rather to raise the standards of the Japanese factory, and return to being a full fledged production site. We commited ourselves to delivering even higher quality and lower cost products to our customers.

By only preparing the minimum required materials necessary, and only producing exactly what the customer names, our Japanese team can deliver products with a very short lead time.Also, we have continued developmenton new techniques. If we try out new ideas without being chained to the idea of efficiency, we can improve our total production environment. The result of which, we can cover the cost of the Japanese labor cost, sea transport and storage, production control, and other indirect costs and make a cheaper product than we could overseas.

Now,thanks to these newly devolped production methods, in addition to our Chinese gfactory, we were able to open our second foreign production facility in Da Nang Vietnam, and have improved our groups efficiency by teaching these new techniques to our foreign production staff as well.

Uniting under the banners of “Our Japanese factory leads production” “The return of Japanese production power starts now,” our employees have found unity, and are commited to being a company customers will choose, and want to continue choosing out of all the plastic manufacturors of the world.

JON Corporation
President Masaru Suzuki

Contrubuting to society with wonderful produc

Management Philosophy

To pursue both psysical and mental happiness for our employees while contributing to society and the world with quality products. 

Management policy

We aim to provide alluring quality products, and to become the number one FRP maker in the world.

The number one we want to attains we:
・Make the customer feel “this is the greatest product in the world”
・Make ourselves feel we are “the most efficient in the world.”
・Feel that working at JON72 is the greatest happiness
・Make the world think “this is the most environmentally friendly product in the world”

That is what number one means to us. 

Quality Policy

We gain our customer’s trust and happiness by placing quality first.
We are always trying to make a product the customer likes by looking at problems and thinking about how to be better.Additionally, all of our employees take part in in our quality management system(QMS).

Environmental Policy

We are also working hard to be aware of the world environmental problems our business faces from all fronts, and to pass that on to the next generation. We also make sure to be aware of even the smallest effects, as these can be brought together to make a larger change.

1.In order to furhter our plans for environmental production, we developed the evironment management system, and are trying to raise or environmental protection level.
2.We are accurately aware of the affect our company has on the environment, decide our environmental goals, and continuing to lower our pollution levels.
3.We follow all laws and rules regarding the environment from within the company and from outside sources.
4.The next items are the main themes of our company processes that affect the environment.
 1: Reduction in energy and material use
 2: Improving the work environment by following the 5S’s
 3: Reduction of materials that create an environmental burden
 4: Appropriate management of chemical substances
5.Sharing information to raise the understanding of our environmental policy with all members of out company
6. Making our environmental policy available in text form to the general public. 


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