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To Become the World’s Best FRP Maker

We are aiming to be the number one FRP maker in the world.
We are also working hard to be aware of the world environmental problems our business faces from all fronts, and to pass that on to the next generation.

Philosophy and Policy

A long history of success and dedication to studying technique

Since our founding in 1972, we have been a company that strives to reach new heights in technique without losing sight of our original pricipals. We also continue to challenge ourselves by building a global production line.


Company Information

Company Name:

JON72 Corporation


Ibaraki Prefecture, Kitaibaraki City, Sekimoto-machi, Fujigaoka 992-5


April, 1972

Capital Stock:

35,000,000 yen


Company President Masaru Suzuki


FRP (Reinforced plastic production)


Main Factory, Nakagou Factory 49, China Factory 165, Vietnam Factory 21

Collaborating Companies:

5 companies

Majir Clients:

Hitachi Ltd. etc

Map (Main Office)


We would be happy to answer any questions you have related to our goods and services. First, please call us or fill out the contact form.
Telephone: 0293-46-7300

JON72 Corporation
Japan Ocean Natives since 1972
Ibaraki Prefecture, Kitaibaraki City, Sekimoto-machi, Fujigaoka 992-5
Fax: 0293-46-7301