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FRP Production

Medical equipment

We manufacture parts for large medical equipment such as CT and MRI. Large medical equipment like CT and MRI comes equipped with about 20 cover parts, and the mutual engagement of the covers determines the quality of the product. Machining expertise with skilled manual tasks is required for the covers to maintain specified clearances between themselves without level differences. Moreover, we achieve even higher precision by combining the use of jigs with machining. We engage in processing from mold-making to prototyping and mass-production. We also we apply paint and assemble electronics in mass production. Integrated production is used to achieve shorter lead times and cut costs.

Housing and architectural equipment

The housing and architectural equipment industry has particular needs for coloring and color development, along with chemical resistance. We will make optimal suggestions in response to the design that you envisage and the environment where you will be using your product.Our Clerical Department has an Environmental Management Secretariat, which quickly and appropriately satisfies your requirements regarding chemical substances. We can satisfy regulations in Japan, and also environmental regulations abroad.

Aeronautic and sporting fields

We manufacture very lightweight aircraft, sea kayaks, and other products. Equipment in sporting fields is required to remain strong while being very highly lightweight to allow contestants to maximize their performance. Vacuum molding is one of the molding processes for maximizing strength characteristics. We have been upgrading our technology through the production of ultra-light aircraft which we have been developing in industry-university collaboration.

Chemical fields

We manufacture covers for electron microscope tables, corrosion-proof tanks, and the like.Chemical fields require the maintenance of high strength, and also precise design, development, and manufacturing to satisfy requirements for chemical resistance, low thermal conductivity, and other characteristics. We can make use of our many years of experience and track record to confidently engage in developing products for chemical purposes as well. 

Natural energy fields

We apply the knowledge and experience that we have cultivated with medical equipment parts, corrosion-proof tanks, and other large fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) to manufacture FRP parts for wind power generation plants.The difficulty with large FRP molds is that the base material tends to shrink, making it hard to secure engagement precision with the opposite parts. This is why we always bear in mind the importance of manufacturing molds in expectation of base material shrinkage and make suggestions on product structure from the standpoint of FRP design.

Precision machining of carbides

Super Hard Treatment

We use a variety of machines to treat the metal at a micron(μ) unit level. A micron (μ) is 1/1000㎜(0.001㎜), and by applying treatment at this level, there is almost no measurement errors, so we can provide an unmistakably high quality product.

Natural Energy Facilities

Maintenance of natural energy equipment


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