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Our company takes pride in our FRP department, super hard precision cutting services, and natural energy facility maintenance.Our main operation is providing high quality FRP products for medical use, automobiles, industrial machinery, scales, housing materials and other areas quickly and at a low price.Our super hard precision cuttings services use a special technique to precision treat super steel to the customers needs.For our natural energy facility maintenence service, we produce FRP parts for wind power generators, provide installation support and with our knowledge and experience also provide maintenence support.

Manufacturing Information

Model and mold production

Often called prototypes or master models. Also, somethimes there is another model specifically made to confirm the shape only. In the case of a model only, the scale may change. We use a variety resin, metal, hybrid, and wood materials.

HLU(Hand lay up)molding

A mold with a FRP base. Fibre in placed on a mold which has been released already, and then filled with resin by hand using brushes and rollers, and then degassed. Lamination is repeated, and after the desired thickness is reached and hardened, secondary treatment is done. This is used in many fields, but this is especially recommended for very large, difficult shapes of a small to medium quantity.

RTM(Resin Transfer Molding) Molding

RTM(Resin Transfer Molding)molding is a method in which a strengthening agent is placed in the mold and insert materials such as urethane foam or bolts are added, and after the mold is closed, resin is injected into the resin filler hole, filling the mold.

3D Printer

We recommend this method for simple protypes or jig molds. It’s easy to produce high definition smooth surface models, and is very useful in parts where precision is necessary.

SMC(Sheet molding compound)press mold

A molding method where a polyester resin injected sheet (SMC) with glass fiber in heated and increased in temperature. The molding process is very quick, and is suited for high volume production. Also, ribs, bosses, screws etc can be simultaneously cast, with a high accuracy of dimensions.

Vacuum  pack molding and infusion molding

A method where the master mold is released, and after a gel coat is applied, the FRP is laminated. Since during the production there  is a heat cycle and shrinkage stress, it is necessary to reinforce and strengthen the product. This is recommended for item made from glass minerals that you want to strengthen.

VPI(Vacuum Press Infusion)molding

A closed type resin injection. The upper mold is made from silicone.After sealing, the inside of the mold is made into a vacuum. Instead of traditional manual labor, high aur pressure is used, so no fine technique is necessary, only a little instruction is needed before the operatr can undertake it.You can also expect the time to be between 2/3 and 1/2 shorter than traditional methods thanks to the high air pressure. 

NC Electrical Wire Treating Machine

Treating of various metals by the micron(μ) is possible.

Equipment list

NC machine(China 2)

NC machine(Japan 1)

Cutting Plotter  1

3D Measuring instrument 1

Coating booth 14

RTM Injection machine 4

3D Printer 1

300t press 1

Silicone spray mold machine 1

Vacuum mixer(1)

Vacuum pump(6)

3t press(1)

NC Electrical Wire Treating Machine (1)

plane parallel grinder(1)

General purpose machine(2)



Zoom Stereo Microscope(1)

Natrual Energy Equipment Maintenance

Using the power of FRP we are provide support for super steel high precision polishing and wind generator facility maintenance.

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