FRP特点与常用工艺简介  Introductions of FRP featurs and main processes

FRP的特点 FRP Advantage

1- 模具费比金属模具便宜
Cost less than metalic Mold Tooling

Consistent process from Mold Design to Mass Production, we provide Optimized Cost for Customers.

2- 不需要设备(适合少量多品种生产)
    No needs of equipment. Suitable for small quantity and various type of products

3- 复杂曲线面能一体成形,可自由上色
    Complex shape can be integrated, Various color of Painting

4- 具有耐候性,耐热性,耐药品性
    Weather resistance, heat resistance,chemical resistance

5- 具有良好的电波透过性和绝缘性
    Good Electro Magnetic Wave transmission , insulation

6- 比金属材料强度高且
    Better Strength and L